What to Style with Bell Bottoms

Michel Ramsey

Posted on April 02 2020

What to Style with Bell Bottoms

Styling bell bottoms can be difficult considering they were out of style for almost 20 years. With it all coming back we want you to be prepared on what goes BEST with bell bottoms. It may not seem like it, but many things can be paired with some bells!


  1. It’s not the right weather but oversized sweaters look so adorable with bell bottoms. It gives the look of comfort but yet some class.
  2. Fitted tees. This one is a no brainer. Pair a fitted tee to accentuate your top half figure since your bottom half will be flared and flowy!
  3. Flowy blouse. Flowy looks are super pretty and elegant so just add a simple boxy, flowy blouse to complete the look.
  4. Sheer blouse with a light cardigan. This type of outfit gives your look a little bit more professionalism with the cardigan since the bells are already so dressy!
  5. Simple tank. You can never go wrong with bell bottoms and tank top! It’s so adorable and gives off such cowgirl vibes!
  6. Chunky heels are perfect for bells because they elongate the legs showing off more and more of that flare!
  7. Cowgirl boots. If you’re a cowgirl boots fan, they look super precious with a pair of bell bottoms. Gives a whole new meaning to country.
  8. Ankle booties!!! If you aren’t a cowgirl, you can just opt out for some ankle booties! They are comfortable because they are low and you can’t even tell they’re booties! Add a heel to the booties to have the elongated look!
  9. Denim jacket. Another one for my cowgirls, or just my gals who love country styles. A tank with a denim jacket gives bells such an edgy country look that makes no one want to mess with you... plus it’s so chic!
  10. Any blouse with flare sleeves or cold shoulders! This is an all time favorite look because it’s such a bohemian style that is so beautiful! I mean, bells were made around the hippie era, so what better way to bring back the bells than a boho look?

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