How to Make the Bad Days, Good

Michel Ramsey

Posted on July 09 2020

How to Make the Bad Days, Good

So, I think we can agree that everything going on in the world today is SCARY. Especially if you are just now learning about some of this stuff. It can be easy to be sucked into fear and anxiety with things like this, so we have complied a list of things to do to keep your mind and spirit happy. It’s always great to fill your mind with positive energy so you don’t lose hope and always still see the good.


  1. Read a good book
  2. Have a solo dance party
  3. Take a bubble bath
  4. Play your favorite songs- LOUD!
  5. Watch a funny or “feel-good” movie
  6. Hang out with people who feel like sunshine and make you sooo happy!
  7. Take a walk
  8. Take deep breaths
  9. Watch the clouds
  10. Stargaze
  11. Write all your fears and anxieties down, it will make you feel better once it’s out there.
  12. Call your mom
  13. Look at the sunset
  14. Play with some dogs
  15. Stay off your phone!
  16. Remember and list things you are grateful for
  17. Drink lots of water
  18. Go on a car ride with no real destination
  19. Let the sunshine kiss your skin
  20. Make a campfire and roast some yummy marshmallows with some good people.
  21. Sing, LOUD!
  22. And lastly, remember to not let yourself get too consumed in the world’s madness and to ALWAYS  fill your mind and soul with good energy and happy thoughts. It will all be okay. ❤️

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