2020 Fall Trends

Christyne Gray

Posted on September 03 2020

2020 Fall Trends

Trends are always changing, especially when a new season is upon us! Stay in the know with this guide to keep up with all of your 2020 Fall Trends!


  1. Metallics and sequins. Everyone loves some sparkle and bling in an outfit!
  2. Plaid. Plaid is ALWAYS in during Fall. It will never go out of style!
  3. Patchwork clothes. These are the ones that have different patterns or materials patched all together. They’re so unique and so much fun!
  4. Ponchos/capes. These make anyone look so classy and sassy!
  5. Fringe. Fringe jeans. Cardigans. Tops. You name it, it’s in. Fringe is all the rave!
  6. High neck pieces. Tops or dresses with high necks are super in. They’re so classy and sophisticated.
  7. Faux fur. Coats and cardigans... faux fur makes it all look so high fashion!
  8. Geometric patterns. So. Much. Fun. You can look so fun and unique with different pieces with geometric patterns!
  9. Bows. Bows on blouses on the neckline, sleeves, or back has became such a big trend because it’s so timeless and elegant!


Fall is approaching quickly so update your wardrobe with all the latest Fall 2020 trends. To catch up visit www.elleandcoboutique.com or download our app available in the Apple or Play store to find the perfect Fall pieces!

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